Why do PCBs need to be panelized?


The purpose for panelization is mainly to meet production needs. Some PCB boards are too small to meet the requirements for making fixtures tester, so they need to be panelized together for production.

Panelizing can also improve the welding efficiency of SMT patches, such as completing the welding of multiple PCBs with just one SMT.

At the same time, it can also save costs, such as some irregularly shaped PCB boards. By splicing them together, waste can be reduced, thereby improving the utilization rate of the area.


Bad cases of no spacing panelization


Problem Description

Due to the screen printing of component packaging on the PCB board, which exceeded the board edge during design and was not inspected during assembly, there was interference with the components after seamless assembly, which affected SMT installation.


Problem Impact

Components beyond the edge of the board cannot be assembled without gaps, which affects the product development cycle. If forced assembly is carried out, such as half assembling and half not assembling adjacent components on the same side, it will also result in half of the product being scrapped.


Problem extension

Devices beyond the edge of the board, after being assembled without gaps, can still cause damage to the components and result in greater cost losses even if the plug-in is barely able to be inserted.

Applicable methods for PCB panelization

      1. CNC+V-CUT Panel

The method of adding V-cut to the gong board for assembly is suitable for boards with components on the board edge. It cannot be assembled without gaps. Instead, it adopts the form of processing edge for assembly, with V-CUT processing on both ends and a gap in the middle for easy welding of components. Otherwise, the components on the board edge interfere with each other and cannot be assembled and welded.

2. Stamp Hole Bridge Panel

Stamp holes are a bridging method of plate assembly. Stamp hole bridging can solve problems that cannot be solved by V-CUT bridging, such as circular plates, irregular plates, etc. If V-CUT is not possible, stamp hole connection can only be used for plate assembly.

3. V-CUT + Stamp Holes Bridge Panel

The V-CUT bridge assembly is suitable for regular boards, as the V-CUT knife cannot bend, so the position of the V-CUT must be a straight line in order to be V-CUT. It is also important to note that the position of the components near the board edge cannot be assembled with the V-CUT, otherwise it will affect assembly and welding.

4. No break-out rails Panel

In order to save the utilization rate of the board, small board assembly often does not process the edges. However, it should be noted that there should be no components at the edge of the V-CUT position. If the components are close to the edge of the board, it is best to leave a gap between the processing edges for assembly, otherwise it will also affect the assembly and solderability of the components.

For many electronic engineers, PCB assembly service in China is important to their businesses.

PCB assembly is an essential part of any electronics product production process that integrates components into a circuit board. These circuit boards are expected to function as designed with high-level specifications, performance requirements, and reliability expectations for both the life of the product and post-warranty servicing. Due to the complex nature of electronics manufacturing, high-quality PCB assembly service in china is essential since it’s often complicated for companies based in Western countries to have the resources, equipment, or capabilities required for an efficient and cost-effective electronics production process.


Advantages of Using a PCB Assembly service in China?

A PCB assembly service in china can help a business save money by providing complete access to the latest technologies and reduce wait time for product launches and update custom products based on market demands. In addition, there is little risk of intellectual property leakage or exposure with a reliable partner who works within local industry standards. Most importantly, you have a better chance of reducing product costs when you have a reliable partner to help with the early planning stages.


With an increasing number of companies in China seeking to expand their customer base and compete in international markets, particularly the high-growth industries in the Asia Pacific and beyond, offering a complete range of PCB assembly services in China will provide a vital edge over local competitors.


Benefits Of Using A Professional PCBA Assembler?


– Existing technology and a full range of equipment.


– Access to the latest technologies which may compete favorably with your own.


– More competitive pricing – can help you to save money.


– Reduction in your total cost of ownership (TCO)


– A full range of services, such as product design and documentation (D&AD),

test plan, prototype PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly service in China.


– Can reduce risks associated with handling intellectual property issues.


– Fast delivery times as labor costs are significantly lower than in the United States.


– Minimized risk of industrial espionage and IP leakage – you can be assured that manufacturing processes and trade secrets will remain confidential.


– Local industry expertise provides quick response times and competitive pricing for new business endeavors, upgrades/customizations, and expansions.

– Lower tax rates than the United States give manufacturers another small price advantage over domestic competitors.


– Better industry standing and customer relations give companies a more reliable image in the eyes of their clientele, shareholders, and partners.


PCB Assembly service in China is important for electronics engineers from all types of industries. PCB assembly service in china provides local PCB manufacturers who support an entire range of production technologies at a much lower cost than are available domestically.

For projects that have stringent requirements, you need advanced technologies to handle the needs of high-tech devices and achieve greater efficiencies in production.

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